Reward – Cate le Bon June 02, 2019

The pleasure is all yours.
To call this a ‘rewarding listen’ would be so cringeworthy even Alan Partridge would struggle to use the pun. But, puns aside, this album is a delight. Although generally low-key in tempo, with lots of synthesised sounds including saxophone, this album is vibrant, with repeated listens strongly advised to unravel its many nuances.
The chilled-out, quirky post-punk atmospheres of ‘Reward’, cultivated in the natural beauty of the Lake District, all lead to this being an outstanding indie record. But make no mistake…this is also a pop record, centred around melody, melancholy and Le Bon’s gorgeous voice.’The Light’ is mantra like, ‘Daylight Matters’ and  ‘Home to You’ shimmer and the relatively upbeat ‘Magnificent Gestures’ is a delight. However, in reality the whole album is gratifying, typical of a record where time of day and mood affect your choice of favourite track. It’s beautiful.

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