Music and midlife musings

‘Midlife’ is the name of a compilation by the English band, blur. Released in 2009, it coincided with a series of reunion tours and rather than being a greatest hits or singles, it was pitched an introduction to the band with a tunes that were not big selling singles or simply album tracks…therefore a fantastic way to introduce music-inmotion.

For me, ‘Midlife’ is also a much preferable term to “Middle Age”.  This is the point in life where people who get to their mid 30s and beyond and either (a) take little interest in discovering new music to listen to or….(b) just go on about the ‘glory days’ when they were in their 20s, and now they’ve grown up they don’t have time to care so much about music (and that in the worse instance Spotify can solve the rest).

Well without going all ‘high-fidelity’, for this midlife male, music is perhaps even more important than ever. Whether it be new musical artists or discovering old ones, the joy of listening to a new song or album that hasn’t been heard before still gives the ultimate reward. It’s simply a sport in which you can’t lose. Unless I do the very rare thing of buying a record on impulse…

music-inmotion isn’t about sport like ‘World in Motion’ by New Order (an all time favourite song of mine). It isn’t about winning and losing,  but is about change. It is a place for musical based reflections, albeit at times going on some tangents, or even rambling on like an 80s 12″. Mostly, music-inmotion is not just a place for those in midlife or in their twenties, but for those who love music, however music and the listener change.

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