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Re – Animator: Everything Everything


Cerebral Indie Art Pop for the brain and heart.

Everything Everything have been an intriguing band, releasing 5 consistently strong albums in a decade. Since their first, 2010s ‘Man Alive’, they have established themselves as the type of artists who can be relied on if one is wanting to vent at dystopian futures (2013’s outstanding ‘Arc’) or at the general malaise of the world (2017’s ‘A Fever Dream’).

With their fifth, they seem to have turned to matters of the human mind and its’ nuances. Whilst many of the songs are lower tempo and can sound a little melancholy, they are beautifully constructed. Opening tracks ‘Lost Powers’ and ‘Big Climb’ set the tone, lyrics about “losing your mind” and “dying in crystal balls”, supported with brilliantly tight synths, drum patterns and singer Jonathan Higg’s voice, which has excellent range and sincerely heartfelt.

Track 4, ‘Planets’ with its swirling synths being mesmeric , even with strange and challenging lyrics including “frat boys”, “virgin blood” and “bigots in the batcave”. ‘Arch Enemy’ is as close to a pop song on the record, propelled by an electro groove. It’s the best (and probably only) song to talk about fatbergs. Album highlight and anthem, ‘Violent Sun’ closes the record. It has a great motorik throb to it. You practically forget to realise the song involves ‘being held by violent arms’.

So another strong, dramatic and thoughtful showing from Everything Everything. For those who like something to escape with and/or the artier end of popular music, it’s perfect. Here’s to their next album, which hopefully will chronicle a Post-Pandemic world.


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